In 1918, Charles "Pappy" Foreman, an Owensboro blacksmith, put aside the tools of his trade and began barbecuing mutton on a pit located at 25th and Frederica. More than 80 years later, the Foreman barbecuing tradition thrives into the sixth generation. Named Old Hickory in 1954, our dedication to providing the Owensboro area with the finest quality mutton, pork, pork ribs, beef, ham, chicken and various side dishes has never slackened. This has been possible only by keeping one thing in mind over the years:

To produce consistently first-rate barbecue, there can be neither shortcuts nor compromise.

That is why the old methods have been retained, such as cooking exclusively with hickory wood. Only hickory wood seems to embody our meats with the unique, distinctive flavor that Owensboro natives recognize immediately as good barbecue. Only through combining of hickory smoke and our special blend of barbecue sauce, applied regularly during the cooking process, are we assured in achieving the highest standards for excellent barbecue.

There are quicker, less expensive, easier ways of getting the job done, but none of them are as satisfying to us- or to you. More could be said, but good food speaks its own language. Find out for yourself!

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